The Doors Are Always Open to the Black Barn Online


There is no entrance fee to gather with us for regular invitations to listen to God, to one another, and to works of art in all their many forms.


All are welcome to help us turn social media’s usual ways upside down.

Welcome to the Black Barn Online.

  • Are you weary of online spaces where everyone shouts and no one listens?
  • Do you wish the online world nurtured more goodness, truth, and beauty?
  • Would you like to grow and connect online in ways that transform and enrich your real, everyday life?

No matter where you live,
no matter how many miles
between the front door of this barn
and your own front door, you can come in.

You can join the Black Barn Collective.

There is no entrance fee to gather in the Black Barn Online.



But if you long for more–more learning, more discovery, more connection:

We are setting virtual Tables for more intimate, focused gathering.

Feast With Friends

Our Small Group Tables (8 weeks), our Workshop Tables (half day), and our Retreat Tables (one day) are journeys of discovery, all for a reasonable, one-time fee. Learn. Grow. Connect with others.

Faith and Art

We believe that healthy communities are fertile soil for spiritual formation and artistic creation and that listening to God, to one another, and to works of art in all their many forms are skills that can and should be practiced together.


For $80 choose a seat at an 8-week Table. For $20 join a half-day workshop. We also love to offer occasional full-day retreats. Each ticket sold helps support the work of teachers, artists, writers, coaches, and spiritual guides. Our hope is that as we learn and grow together, this will be a community where you will love to linger.


Build your barn. Experience the goodness of the Black Barn no matter where you live and discover with others how to build “Black Barns” for you to tend in your own life and place.

Where faith and art cultivated in community take root, flourish, and grow.



Is there a fee to join the Black Barn Collective?

No! There is no fee, and all are welcome. It is easy and free to set up an account on our host platform Mighty Networks and join us in the Black Barn Online.

How do you pay your contributors and teachers?

We are committed to building a sustainable community in which our contributors, teachers, and guides are compensated for their offerings. You can help us do this by subscribing to our digital care package Paper&String (only $5.99 a month), by joining a Table in the Black Barn Online (offered each season for only $80), or joining one of our Table Workshops or Retreats. You can also donate to our Table Fund to help others take a seat at a Table (Black Barn Press, Inc. is a non-profit and donations can be sent via PayPal to

How can I help support the Black Barn Online?

We LOVE to hear this question. Black Barn Press, Inc. is a registered nonprofit. You are invited to give to our “Table Fund” via PayPal so that we can offer reduced-price Table seats to those who need them. Simply click on the PayPal donate button above.

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